YouTube Star Ben Potter, Known As Comicstorian, Dies At 40 After Accident

Several fans took to social media to pay tribute to him.

Popular YouTuber Ben Potter, also known as Comicstorian online, has died at age 40 following an “unfortunate accident”, his wife Nathalie Potter confirmed. Comicstorian, who had more than three million subscribers on his YouTube channel, spent over a decade creating content on the platform like audio comic books and discussed the Marvel and DC worlds. A self-proclaimed comic nerd, he was also the host of The Weekly Pull, and Absolute Comics, two podcasts dedicated to all things comics.

In a lengthy post on X, his wife wrote, ”Two days ago, on June 8th, my husband, Ben Potter, passed away in an unfortunate accident. To many of you, he was Comicstorian, voicing stories from across multiple different mediums. To his loved ones, he was one of the best and most supportive individuals anyone could ask for.”

”His channel was one of his greatest accomplishments, and while we all need our time to mourn him, I know he wouldn’t want it to end like this. Ben spent over 10 years spreading his love and appreciation for his hobbies. It was through his love of exciting stories and well-written characters that got him started on YouTube,” her post further read.

She also added that she plans to continue his ”legacy” by ”continuing to tell great stories by great people, as well as to keep the memory of our very own superhero alive.”

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Several fans took to social media to pay tribute to him, reflecting on the impact Comicstorian had on their lives.

One user wrote, ”Incredibly heartbreaking, Comicstorian was an incredible YouTuber that pioneered so much and got so many people into reading comics. Devastating news. Rest in peace.”

Another commented, ”His videos entertained me for hours back in the day, even got to meet him briefly at PAX East in like 2018. RIP to a legend, this was awful to find out.”

A third said, ”I’ve watched countless hours of his videos over the years and his love of comics and storytelling was evident from his enthusiasm in every video. He’ll be sorely missed.”