“We have Our Own Programmes And Ways To Decide…”: ISRO Chief

S Somanath visited Kalam’s Institute of Youth Excellence in Hyderabad today. (File)


Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Chairman S Somanath on Wednesday said that the space program has built “indigenous capability” in space sector adding that they have their own programs and ways to decide what to do with that in future.

S Somanath today visited Kalam’s Institute of Youth Excellence in Hyderabad and facilitated students.

“The space program has built indigenous capability in the space sector from building our rockets, satellites and our application programs to serve the country in civilian and strategic sectors. We have accomplished that. Today, we are a force to reckon with in the space sector and we have our own programs and ways to decide what to do with that in future. That is the power we have today. Now, with the opening of the space sector, private companies and start-ups are coming and this area is going to expand in terms of economic activity in space sector. The change is what is happening now,” he said.

Further, S Somanath said that Kalam’s Institute of Youth Excellence have been working hard to inspire young people.

“They have been working very hard to inspire young people especially to what Kalam did in the past, creating an inspirational story around India’s growth. Today I got the opportunity to interact with the students and I believe it will make them easier to understand the path they will take in the space sector. ISRO will help in best possible way to help them,” he said.

Earlier, Director General of European Space Agency (ESA), Josef Aschbacher, heaped praise on the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) for its recent successful launches and said that India’s accomplishments in space and especially in lunar exploration is ‘astonishing’.

Aschbacher posted an appreciation post on X, after ESA hosted its 323rd Council meeting in Paris which was attended by the ISRO Chairman, S Somanath.

“What India is accomplishing in space – especially in Lunar exploration – is astonishing. We hosted ISRO’s Chairman, Dr. S. Somanath at ESA Council today. It was a milestone occasion for Delegates to learn more about current and future plans for ESA-ISRO cooperation,” he posted on X.

India is now the first nation to reach near the Moon’s unexplored South Pole and ranks amongst the top four nations to carry out a soft landing on the lunar surface.

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