UK Woman, 26, Strangled To Death By Boyfriend Who Killed Himself Later

Georgia May Brooke died in February 2022.

A 26-year-old woman died in West Yorkshire after being strangled by her boyfriend while having sex. According to Yorkshire Live, the incident took place in February 2022, and the revelation was made during an inquest on Wednesday. The woman, Georgia May Brooke, was a dancer and lived with her boyfriend Luke Cannon, 31. The inquest was told that the couple had cocaine and alcohol fuelled sex after taking the illegal party drug GHB. Disaster struck when Luke choked Georgia unconscious as he maintained the grip on her neck until she went into cardiac arrest.

Luke who panicked after the incident called the emergency number 999. When paramedics arrived at the home, they found Georgia without a pulse on the bed.

They gave her CPR and adrenaline injections, but couldn’t revive Georgia. She was pronounced dead at 12.34am at Bradford Royal Infirmary.

At the hearing, her mother Samantha Beaumont paid tribute to Georgia, calling her a talented dancer.

“The impact on my family has been huge. We are devastated beyond belief. Georgia has gone, leaving a huge hole,” Yorkshire Live quoted her as saying.

The woman said Georgia had achieved distinction in dance exams and secured a scholarship to a renowned performing arts school in London.

Ms Beaumont blamed Georgia’s relationship with Luke for the change in her behaviour. She accused Luke of being “controlling”.

A nurse who spoke to Luke after the incident was called to depose and she said he confessed to using GHB for a “euphoric sensation” during sex. The nurse described Luke as agitated, similar to someone under the influence of cocaine.

The nurse reported that Luke said Georgia had become short of breath and then lost consciousness. The inquest heard that Luke exited the hospital through a fire exit and was later discovered dead nearby.