Pakistani YouTuber Shot Dead In New York, Was Filming India vs Pakistan Vlog: Report

Pakistan fans in New York© AFP

A horrific news has emerged from New York where the Indian and Pakistani national cricket teams squared off on June 09 at the T20 World Cup 2024. The match, considering his high-profile nature, received extensive coverage from media all across the globe. Even a Pakistani YouTuber was in the city for the match. Reports from Pakistan media have claimed that a YouTuber named Saad Ahmed was shot dead by a security guard who was being interviewed by the YouTuber as part of the build-up for the India vs Pakistan match in Nassau County Stadium.

The YouTuber reportedly went to the mobile market in New York and took video bytes of several shopkeepers before putting the mic in front of the said guard, hoping to take his byte too. Saad tried to take his views and wanted to feature the said security guard in his coverage too. The guard, however, wasn’t keen to be filmed and urged Saad to not push him into doing so.

Eventually, the guard lost his cool and shot the YouTuber dead. Reports have suggested that Saad was rushed to the hospital but was declared dead upon arrival, as per ARY news.

A friend of Saad has claimed that he was the sole breadwinner for his family. The friend had spoken to the YouTuber before the latter left to cover the build-up of the match.

CCTV footage from the area has suggested that the YouTuber was interacting with the guard before getting shot. The guard has reportedly been arrested by the police in the matter.

“He kept on bringing the mic close to my face and filming. I lost my temper and fired at him,” the guard was quoted as saying in the Instagram post.

Pakistan lost the match to India on Sunday by 6 runs, and are now on the brink of T20 World Cup 2024 elimination.

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