Monsoon will knock in Chhattisgarh on this day

The country’s monsoon may begin from May 31. As soon as monsoon arrives in Kerala, it will start in other states also. There has also been a big update regarding monsoon in Chhattisgarh. This time monsoon will enter Chhattisgarh on June 13. This time there is hope of better rain than last. This monsoon can be much better for farmers. There is a forecast of rainfall up to 106 percent.
Regarding monsoon, meteorologist HP Chandra said that the normal date of monsoon reaching Jagdalpur is June 13. It is 16th June in Raipur and 21st June in Ambikapur. This year the rainfall is expected to be 106 percent. This means that there is a possibility of more rain this year than normal. The main reason for this is the El Nino effect. El Nino effect has reduced i.e. it is on neutral condition. Due to which there is a possibility of good monsoon this year. Good rain will help farmers a lot in crop production.
Let us tell you that on Wednesday, India Meteorological Department (IMD) has given an update regarding monsoon. According to the IMD report, the south-west monsoon is likely to begin in Kerala around May 31. The south-west monsoon generally enters Kerala on 1 June. After this it generally moves north and covers the entire country around July 15. IMD Director General Mrityunjay Mohapatra has said that it is not early. This is close to the normal date as the normal date of onset of monsoon in Kerala is June 1.